Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good Day Sunshine

The days are getting lighter, longer and warmer and I am totally energized by the weather of early spring. The fact that the sun wasn't down until eight o'clock last night just makes me happy.

We've been spending our days outside with friends and it's hard to keep Eloise indoors when we're home. All she wants to do is play in the yard and I can't blame her, I'd rather be enjoying the sun than sitting at the computer working. Don't worry, I've been lenient with myself in the past week as it's a crime to let a sunny day in Vancouver go to waste. Every time I'm outside The Beatles' Good Day Sunshine plays in my head.

Speaking of spring, what about fun spring fashion? Brights & neons, florals, stripes and dots, the offerings this spring are as joyful as the weather. Here's what Eloise and I will be wearing until summer comes around. Aren't those shoes from Zara delightful?

Spring in Our Step

Don't you just love the spring?

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