Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mrs. Iwanna

Manners are a big deal around here. They were a big deal for my parents and Chris and I are trying to raise a kind, considerate well mannered little person too. Manners aside, nothing can stop kids from testing their parents with demands and whining. For a time, starting when I was about Eloise's age, my Mom referred to me as Mrs. Iwanna for all the whining I did.

Eloise has recently started saying "I want" in a very whiny voice in place of please. "I want watteeer" or "I want to play toooyyyss" are becoming a habit and reminding Eloise to use her manners and ask if she may have or she would like come out as, "I like water!" when she asks again. Not quite what I intended.

I realize that we are partly to blame since it's a habit to ask Eloise if she 'wants' something. I am trying to teach myself to edit my language to ask her what she 'would like' but it's harder than I expected. After all, distinguishing between wants and needs isn't always clear - I want AND need that pair of shoes. You know what I'm saying?

So we have a next generation Mrs. Iwanna. And in addition to this, Eloise has started giving me a look of utter disdain when I suggest something she'd rather not do, just like I did to my mom.

I present you The Look 2.0:

Gaga says it's payback time. 

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