Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eloise Reads

Eloise has developed a keen interest in books recently and received a few new 'favourites' for her birthday. Here's what we've been reading lately, over and over. And over.

Dr. Seuss's ABC is quite wonderful and by far my favourite to read. I love the cadence of his rhymes.

{Dr. Seuss's ABC}

I Am a Bunny is Eloise's Auntie Lauren's childhood favourite, so it's only fitting E loves it too.

Someday makes me cry almost every time. It really is a sweet story.

Eloise actually received Sweet Dreams for her first birthday but has only recently discovered it and we read it every night before bed. One of the stories is more of a lullaby and I sing it quietly in hopes of putting Eloise to sleep. It hasn't worked yet, she just asks for more.

{Sweet Dreams: A Bedtime Storybook Collection}

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