Thursday, March 21, 2013


Our potty process has been ... slow. All around us Eloise's friends have said bye-bye to diapers but our girl prefers to let us know when she is wet or dry and if she is ready to be changed.

"Mama I wet, change a bum. I ie down." And then she brings me a clean diaper. Or, "nope, diapee still dy, no change a bum."

I feel like we've tried most of the tricks: songs (personalized at that!), stickers, a sticker chart, candy, books, books about potties, but nadda, no luck with the potty. I felt that I had exhausted my resources until I realized my craft supplies harboured a small goldmine full of a favourite toddler reward: the stamp! (What on earth is it about stamps? Eloise goes totally nutty for them, it's pretty much the most exciting part about gymnastics.)

We invited Eloise to use the potty yesterday and I suggested she check out the Winnie the Pooh stamps I brought into the bathroom. She sat happily on the potty for a good half hour, admiring the stamps, suggesting where we could put the stamps on her body (everywhere) and waiting until it was time. Then, she peed! She actually used the potty for the first time in oh, about six months, and you'd better believe we did a happy dance to celebrate.

And then made sure to stamp every surface as requested.

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