Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nemo's Dad

{finding nemo}

Eloise has taken a strong liking to Nemo. It all started when I put on Finding Nemo one day while she was sick but soon realized that about 80% of it is far too scary for a toddler. I basically skipped to the points when Nemo is happy and Dory is funny, which actually doesn't leave much, but clearly she liked what she saw. So we watched those parts again. And again. Add to this a Nemo & Dory-adorned board book that came home with us after a trip to "DR Designs" (aka the Dollarama) and Nemo is the word around here. Eloise is also convinced he lives in our pond with Marlin but I haven't felt it necessary to explain that those are really just orange goldfish.

As Eloise snuggles up to me at bed time she often says, "I wuv you," but now, with the Nemo book sandwiched between us, she ends the sentence with "Dad." Fair enough, it makes sense that she loves Chris, but this still is followed by, "I wuv Nemo's Dad, Marn." (That would be Marlin, or Marn if you can't yet say your Ls).

"I wuv you, Dad. Nemo's Dad. Ya, Marn."

My guess is this is some amalgamation of a few lines from the movie? Poor Chris just assumed Eloise was talking about him.

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