Monday, March 18, 2013

The Animal Print Shop

Babies are undeniably cute, but I'd have to say, baby animals are cuter.

Baby animals are some of the subjects of The Animal Print Shop by incredible animal photographer Sharon Montrose. Her Babies series is pretty much the sweetest thing I have ever seen and absolutely nursery perfect. From giraffe to duckling, basset hound puppy and an animal called a zebu, the animals Montrose photographs are not just adorable but full of personality.

You can just tell that piglet is full of beans.


I love the way designer Kishani Perera Sharon Montrose's Babies in a series in Molly Sim's nursery but I think a single, larger framed image would be just as striking.

{kishani perera}

Another thing I like about Sharon Montrose's work is that many of the animals she photographs have been rescued and the sale of her work through The Animal Print Shop goes to supporting animal welfare. This is cuteness that keeps on giving.

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