Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Circus Came to Town

Yesterday Eloise's Circus came to town and what a party it was.

The countless hours I put into creating and preparing for the party definitely paid off and it was a great success. The decor turned out beautifully, Chris' hot dog station was delish and I think the beer and shandies were well received by parents. But best of all, the kids had a blast! We set up an extensive train track in the living room, had out Little People play sets, balls, toys and a colouring table. Eloise's little circus tent maintained no less than two children inside at a time and at one point there was a herd of little ones running up and down the hallway screaming (mostly Eloise). It was utter chaos and Eloise loved every minute of it. I am exhausted.

When I got into bed last night I had a moment of panic remembering that I didn't take any photos. Then I realized there were not one but two very talented photographers shooting for us and that I can look forward to sharing what they captured. Phew.

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