Monday, March 25, 2013

This Is Two

dinner conversation

I am blown away at the changes that have occurred in Eloise in just two weeks. Since turning two she is talking more, stringing together longer sentences, expressing herself differently, and is sassier and more spirited. She has suddenly become a person and I don't know if I'm quite ready for this; not going to lie, I already miss the baby she was just a few months ago.

Her conversations have become longer and she will have them with anyone who will listen: Chris and I, the dog, strangers in the grocery line, her peeps or the mirror.

Yesterday after lunch: 

"Mama, I cwying, " she said sadly, pouting dramatically.

"Why are you crying Eloise? Are you okay?"

"I sad. I fell down."

"Were you putting your feet up on the table like I asked you not to?" I asked after seeing her wedged between the couch and coffee table.

"Ya. I no do that. I fine."

This morning:

"Mama, I no wake up!" Eloise ran in to tell me after sleeping through the night for the first time in two months.

"I'm so proud of you Eloise! Good job for staying asleep. Same tonight, okay?"

"I wake up?" she asks.

"No, no, you stay asleep."

"I twy. Mama's tired." 

Alone in her room:

"Hey Nemo. How going? Good? Ok."

"I love Papa-Gaga. And pink."

"Pwetty, pwetty butterfwy. Pwetty, pwetty butterfwy. Oh Barbie!"

On a walk:

"Weaaacch... big stwech," Eloise said from the stroller.

"What are you stretching for, love?"

"I weach. I weach the cwowds. I stretch up to cwowds, no catch them."

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