Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good Morning 'dame

It's been a little quiet around here lately. Not here as in life, but here as in the blog. I am back to overwhelmingly busy (but did it ever end?) and between work and work, Eloise and Chris, the blog takes a backseat. I hate to repeat myself but I constantly wonder if it will ever feel like one day doesn't just bleed into the next. Apart from busyness, Eloise is extremely fun and we are so enjoying her budding personality. Every day means a new word and a new expression and we're finally having some success on the potty. But that's another story.

Last week Eloise started her very first ballet class with my very first ballet teacher and I cannot begin to tell you how it makes me feel to see the whole thing go full circle. I've had visions of this day forever and pictured my one-day daughter following dutifully, pointing her toes and extending her hands into a lovely fifth position. I was reminded that she is only two when she chose not to listen and spent the majority of her first class in the middle of the room, spinning.

At the start of each class the teacher greets the little ballerinas by saying, "Good morning, ladies!" to which they reply, "Good morning, Madame!" Eloise has been repeating, "Good morning, 'dame," every morning since. She is taking the class with her girlfriend, Ruby, whose mom, Sarah, had the same type of dreams for Ruby's natural talent. At least Ruby listens! Eloise was so out of control excited by her first class that we had to have words in the hall (twice) when Eloise refused to hold my hand or participate, even if Ruby was leading by example. In the car on our way to the next class I asked Eloise what she was going to do at ballet. "Hold hands," she said. "And wisten."

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