Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Once Upon a Potty

Remember the book Once Upon a Potty from when you were little? I do. So when I spotted this 80s-era gem at Superstore a few weeks ago I scooped it up in hopes that Eloise would take to it.

Classic, right?

And she has! Eloise likes the book so much that we read it every day and on Sunday we had what may be a breakthrough with the potty in nearly a month. We've had lots of naked time recently as Eloise is what I'd call a 'free spirit' and in her nakedness I think she has realized that there is nothing to hold onto any wetness. Running around naked the other day Eloise elected to use the potty. She managed to pee not once, but twice on the potty that night so we did a string of happy dances and covered her in stamps. We also found a cute potty chart (thanks Pinterest!) and some of her 'ol fave, Nemo, stickers to mark off her progress.


Today I was on my way back from meeting a client and called my Dad at home to check in on Eloise. While we were on the phone Eloise started to pee but stopped and successfully made it to the potty, all on her own. She was naked, of course, but maybe being all free and easy is the key to no more diapers?

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