Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Easter Buddy

It would be pretty weak of me to feign craft exhaustion still from Eloise's birthday, so I'll just call it like it is: I just could not get into Easter.

The weather this weekend was spectacular; it's weekends like this that make us forget it rains in Vancouver more than half of the year. Recent Easter weekends have been dreary and wet, but this one was all blue skies and sun, sun, sun. I had plans to make some yummy Easter treats for my little bunny, producing a spectacular egg hunt on Sunday in which she would fill a beautiful pink and gold, egg shaped Easter basket, dressed in an Easter dress and bunny ears. Instead I sent Chris off to Purdy's late Saturday and we finally got it together for an Easter egg hunt at four o'clock on Monday. The Easter basket I had in mind is missing, likely buried beneath tubs of Christmas decor, so Eloise collected eggs in a tupperware we had on hand and wore the leggings she took her nap in. Chris did plant an Easter bunny figurine in the garden which Eloise found and exclaimed, "the Easter Buddy!" and had an excellent time collecting eggs amongst the flowers, so all was not lost. I'll try again next year.

Uninspired Easter plans aside, it was a productive weekend. I read a book and a half in the sun and Eloise alternated between playing with the hose in the back yard, swinging in front yard and going to our nearby park. Meanwhile, Chris and my dad dug up the mess of moss and weeds next to our garage and replaced it with a lovely path of pavers and soft round rocks. The finishing touch will be a few trough style planters filled with something pretty. A much nicer sight to gaze at from our front door, don't you think?

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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