Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer Sandals

{salt water sandals}

Aren't these sandals delightfully classic?

I googled 'leather sandals for children' after striking out a number of times at Gap, Old Navy and Joe looking for a simple and inexpensive pair of sandals for Eloise to wear this summer. I lean towards inexpensive because they inevitably get destroyed with endless trips to the park, beach and exploring in the garden and I will always really, really love jellies.

Salt Water Sandals came up in my search and looking into the company a bit more it turns out they've been making their "Original" for over 60 years, which explains why these look like something my Mom may have worn. They come in colours from classic navy and brown to pale pink and my favourite, silver. Even better, you can take your wet and dirty Salt Water Sandals, pop them right in the washer and air dry them to good as new. I'm sold.

It's interesting to find a balance of footwear for children that is both stylish and comfortable. My Mom pushes for 'good shoes' but I find myself more attracted to the not-so-good shoes - the ballet flats, jelly sandals, cute sneakers - and finding 'good' sandals that are also attractive is tricky. We are NOT a teva family.

I think the Salt Water Sandals are a perfect balance and they'll take Eloise from the beach to dinners out all summer long.

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