Monday, June 24, 2013

A Little Hangover

My parents hosted a lovely surprise party Saturday night and as usual, Eloise was the star of the show (next to the birthday girl, of course). She greeted guests as they arrived, danced on the lawn during cocktails, held several after dinner conversations and basically partied, happy as can be, until 10:30.

On Sunday morning she had a two year old's version of a hangover. A little hangover if you will. Cranky and whiny, unable to articulate what she wanted to do or play, Eloise demanded water and carbs while she lay on the couch. She slept in til 9am but was back in bed by 11:30 for a nap. Sounds like how I feel after a big night out, the only things missing were two extra-strength Advil and a Caesar.

This is a party animal.

The morning after. 

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