Monday, July 15, 2013

Purse Purge

It's my busy season for weddings so it's only natural that my purse gets weighed down with all sorts of random stuff. It also must be symptomatic of being a mom as I can recall my Mom pulling some pretty weird goodies of our her bag when we were young. You never knew when you need to hand a grouchy kid a juice box, right?

After reaching into the bottom of my purse to search for lost keys the other night I came out with a handful of crumbs, two pieces of loose gum, a broken bobby pin and no keys. A purse full of crumbs pretty much says it's time for a full fledged purse purge and here's what I found when I emptied it out:

Two pairs of sunglasses, a makeup kit, a sewing kit, 3 reusable shopping bags, a change purse, my wallet, 1 plastic spoon, a small silver wand, business card holder, my company name tag, a pack of gum, a bag of zip ties, hand cream, two packs of expired bunny gummies, 1 note book, iPhone head phones, a phone charger, 3 hair elastics, 3 bobby pins, a rainbow hair clip, a Peppermint Patty, 1 pack of raw sugar, 2 Band-aids, 2 stamped and addressed letters, 1 chit for the shoe repair shop, and a pile of random receipts.

It's no wonder the thing weighs 10 pounds.

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