Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mid-Season Blues

I was up in Harrison Hot Springs for a wedding this weekend, but just as an Assistant. It had been a long week and my partner Devon insisted I come up to help for the evening, but only after I spent the day poolside (she sure knows how to drive a hard bargain). I even went to the gym in the morning, without the guilt of relying on my parents for childcare, putting off work or ignoring the housekeeping. It was only a few hours of solitude, but I can't express just how fantastic it was to be on my own. I read halfway through Revenge Wears Prada, finished the newest issues of US Weekly and listened to my favourite kind of playlist of Jay Z, Drake, A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce (and just a little Katy Perry) all while working on my tan.  

Molly is back from her family vacation now so I am back to juggling her schedule with ours. Getting Eloise and me up, fed, dressed and out of the house for the day is not so simple when mornings still require a good amount of time at the computer answering to clients. My house is a nightmare, Chris is neglected and a dozen more weddings to go this year lead to what Devon calls the mid-season blues. 

But will you have a look at Eloise and Molly on their first day back together? 

That's some pretty sweet sisterly love and I'm thankful to give them this time together, even if I am completely worn out. 

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