Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Possibly Potty Trained

I had just finished telling a girlfriend that Eloise was all but potty trained when she waddled up to me and announced she had pooped in her panties. This has become a regular occurrence. Eloise is no longer wearing diapers during the day and has shown a great amount of bladder control but poo is still a struggle. She is diaper free when we're out and about and is no longer afraid of public toilets, even if the cleanliness of some washrooms make me cringe. Eloise is even wearing panties to naps and it's only a night that we leave her in a diaper as a precaution though nine times out of 10 she wakes up dry. We're almost there, the only hold back are those tricky number twos.

Suddenly a few weeks ago Eloise started asking to use the potty with more frequency and it wasn't long until she agreed to go pee in public bathrooms too. This may have corresponded with our admittance to preschool for September (!) and that fact that I told her there are no diapers allowed in preschool or dance class, neither of which is true. It also helps that two of her BFs and soon-to-be classmates are fully potty trained. A little guilt trip - "you don't want to be the only one in a diaper, do you?" - never hurts.

But poo remains a challenge. I suppose the sensation of letting go must scare Eloise because she continues to go in her panties even if we try our best to catch her. Chris has had more success than me but I am confident that this, like potty training as a whole, will come. And hopefully before September.

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