Sunday, September 8, 2013

Princesses Say Pardon

Somewhere along the way Eloise has picked up the word "huh?" which is one of my least favourite, commonly used expressions. It sounds rude, even crass, especially coming out of the mouth of a sweet little girl. In close second would be "you guyses" and the overuse of "got", but we thankfully haven't encountered either of these yet.

I told Eloise that princesses don't say 'huh' they say 'pardon me'. She thought this was quite funny and then seriously considered what I was saying. "I'm a princess mama," Eloise replied.

"That's right, love, you are," I agreed. "And princesses always say pardon or pardon me if they don't hear something the first time. They never say huh"

Then, no word of a lie, Eloise said, "huh?"


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