Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School Day #1

Yesterday marked the beginning of Eloise's school days with the start of preschool. She is only there twice a week but I know that preschool is going to be a huge step in her social development, especially since she hasn't taken part in any parent-free activities until now.

Chris and I took Eloise to her first day, which was basically an hour long playtime in her classroom while we observed. I am always impressed by how confident Eloise is; she walked into the class, met her teachers and was exploring the room within seconds. A few minutes later she was holding court in between two other children and having an animated conversation with one of her teachers, all while wearing a hard hat, holding a baby doll, and peering through a pair of binoculars. I think she's going to do just fine without me. 

Eloise is going to preschool with two of her buddies, Ruby & Tristan. These three have known each other since their days of lying side-by-side on gymnastics mats and sharing well gummed Sophie the Giraffes while we moms did boot camp. Into toddler hood they are forming their own (albeit slightly mom-directed) friendships that I hope to watch develop into long lasting relationships. I like knowing that some of the children Eloise knows and will get to know in the coming years at school will become lifelong friends. Some of my friendships - including the one with my best friend Lanny - date back to preschool and I feel pretty lucky because I'm not sure many people can say the same. You just never know where friendships may take you, even if you're only two or three. I'll bet my friends Chris and Davi never expected their preschool interactions at the finger painting station to take them too far, and now they're married parents to delightful baby Maddison.

Watch out Tristan, you just never know.

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