Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tricky Two

Two is such a tricky age. On one hand Eloise is simply amazing; we love having conversations with her, hearing her make up stories, sing songs and dance happily. She is a joy to play with, is kind and sweet and I am often in awe at how we ended up with such a delightful child.

On the other hand Eloise can be whiny and demanding. She is nearly impossible to feed, fights me over getting dressed, and is real pain when she doesn't get what she wants. We have had our fair share of frustrating moments recently and I am quick to counteract Eloise's negative behaviour with time in her room. I set her on the bed, get down close to tell her why I'm upset and explain what she can do to change it. Eloise screams as I get up to leave and begs me not to close the door (isolation in your bedroom with your toys is scary, you know), so, door open, I leave her in her room until she's calmed down. When I come back in Eloise apologizes and it's done. At least for a little while.

Sometimes we do this several times a day, and other days not at all. Eloise is a terribly sensitive little thing and depending on her mood, she can go from joyful to distraught for pretty much no reason in a matter of seconds. I would give up coffee - I'm serious! - for Eloise to sleep through the night in her own bed and to be one of those kids that goes to sleep without needing several books and a half hour plus of cuddles (Tristan, please tell Eloise your secrets). I would love to have a child that agreeably eats what is served to her and not have to hide vegetables in her pasta (ahem, Annie's mac & cheese). And I sure wish we didn't have to bribe Eloise with tv during her 'witching hour' from 5-6pm just to keep her from whining and crying uncontrollably. Actually, I wish she didn't have a witching hour at all.

But, I am also thankful that Eloise's tricky two year old behaviour does not happen all the time. When we're out her angelic appearance and charismatic personality invites everyone we meet - elderly ladies at the bank, businessmen at coffee shops, grocery store cashiers - to strike up a conversation with our curly haired sprite, which of course she obliges with a smile. She saves the meltdowns for at home.

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