Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Sleep Saga Continues

The past few nights have been brutal. Eloise is back to her old sleep-resisting tricks, has been waking up in the middle of the night and on top of it all, refuses to nap. By the time she is finally asleep and Chris and I have eaten, it's usually close to 10 o'clock and I still need to put in a few hours of work. Once I finally get into bed I know that Eloise is going to be awake again shortly so I haven't been sleeping that well. It's starting to feel like I might as well keep working until she wakes up, at least then my sleep would be 'uninterrupted'.

I don't get it. Eloise is more active these days with preschool on Tuesday and Thursday, dance on Wednesday and playdates, trips to the park and outings every other day of the week so you'd think she would be considerably more tired. She is generally a happy child and always energetic, but the sleep thing still continues to be a challenge. We're also struggling with night accidents again as Eloise flat out refuses a diaper. The night before last she woke up at 2am soaking wet and I had to strip everything down and get a wash going. Eloise did not like this. She had a full-out, fist banging, screaming tantrum when I tried to take off her nightie and continued to scream, exceptionally loudly, as I suggested we change her bed, her panties, visit the bathroom and wipe her down with a warm washcloth. I'm such a terrible mother, right? My Mom could hear Eloise's tantrum from the top floor.

Today we were up for most of the (very) early morning. Eloise woke up to pee (hooray!), then woke up again because she wanted to sleep in her bed with Chris. She woke up the next time to come back into our bed and then woke once more, crying, because she felt like there were shreddies stuck in her teeth. I pleaded with her to go back to sleep but she just wanted to dig her feet into my face while repeating "Mama, mama, mommy, mama, mommy, mommy," so I gave up. This was at 6am.

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