Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Week the Naps Went Away

And that was the end of naps.

For two weeks now Eloise's incredibly reliable, two-hour long midday nap has been a battle and yesterday in the car, with a big bottle of milk to boot, Eloise resisted. No naps mean no down time for me, a crankier afternoon for Eloise but an easy bed time. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's for the best, but if getting Eloise to go to sleep for the night is a five minute process now I guess it's not the worst. 

Still, I love those two hours to myself! It was my opportunity to really buckle down and get work done or actually complete a task around the house. Have you ever tried spray painting a craft project with a two year old present? Not great. 

So my question is how on earth I get Eloise to understand that no nap means she still needs to spend an hour of quiet time? I know people who have their kids play quietly in their room during what used to be nap time, but I'm not sure I can get Eloise to understand this. I don't want lack of naps to turn into more time with the tv, but I also still need the time for myself. And sometimes a nap too. 

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