Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Zones

I've mentioned before how much we struggle with Eloise's hair: her beautiful golden curls have a mind of their own and are often unruly. Tangles, frizz and mats make themselves at home on the back of Eloise's head and sometimes I even struggle to get a comb through her hair after double conditioning.  

Chris and I have determined that Eloise's hair has three zones: 

Zone One is the deceiving one. This zone that invites you to touch Eloise's beautiful hair and compliment her curls. Zone One is made up of perfect tendrils that frame her face and are nearly always frizz-free. 

Zone Two is the problem area. This is the spot that gets the most contact with pillows as she sleeps, the car seat and the couch. It's the hair that mats, easily, for the constant contact it maintains with other surfaces. When Eloise wakes up in the morning after a bath-free night Zone Two is big and scary like this:

(Ponytail day!)

And finally, Zone Three. This one isn't so bad when Eloise's hair is clean and brushed but becomes an issue when Zone Two is acting up. When Zone Two looks like the image above Zone Three is a full on rat tail. And I know a good rat tail when I see one, my brother had one for years. 

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