Friday, November 1, 2013

Sleep Talker

I don't want to say I've given up, but I've given up, and Eloise sleeps in our bed every night. Chris is pretty insistent that she starts in her own bed, since we don't want to send the 'wrong message' (riiight), but I find this whole step pretty useless. No matter what the circumstances are, Eloise's little clock is programmed to come into our room between 11pm and 1am. At least if she is already asleep when we get into bed I don't have to wake up to a crying toddler.

I know what you're thinking, we need to put Eloise back in her own bed, we need boundaries. As I've mentioned here before, we've tried that, we've tried that four, five, six times in one night, but I need my sleep. I've made a rule that Eloise must sleep on her own pillow, that's a boundary, right?

Thankfully Eloise sleeps well in our bed, so we all sleep well, but we're in such close quarters that we've also learned she's quite the sleep talker. Chris and I often catch the end of a 'conversation' when we get into bed and have to stifle our laughter so we don't wake her. Here are some recent snippets:

"Goose is a galaxy girl."
"Armadillos get scared. They roll in a ball."
"My Daddy's not here, he goes to work."
"The monkey wore two band-aids. Then he climbed up the tree."
"Tigers say rarr! Mama I'm not afraid of tigers."
"I don't want dinner, I want Franklin." (Sounds like Eloise dreams in reality.)

Sometimes Eloise's sleep talking makes no sense and other times it's like she's fully awake. At least I know I can count on some laughs when I have to share my side of the bed every night. 

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