Sunday, October 27, 2013

Little Mommy

I read on Friday that there are 60 days until Christmas (thanks a lot Globe & Mail), which means that as of today there are only 58. Forget that Halloween hasn't even happened, my wheels are spinning to dream up crafts and gifts for what I consider the MOST wonderful time of the year. 

Eloise has entered a very nurturing "little mommy" stage and I am in full support of this. I was obsessed with my dolls as a girl and I'm quite happy to feed into Eloise's desire to play with them too. When she's not playing mommy to her main squeezes, Piggy & Pengy, Eloise takes great care of her doll, Baby Emma. Emma gets pushed around in her stroller and carried everywhere in her little bed but Eloise informed me that she would really like for Santa to bring Emma "a susu and some cwoving". Santa is on it. 


As it turns out, furnishing an entire wardrobe for Baby Emma - a Mon Premier Tidoo Doll from Corolle - is going to be expensive. Any outfits I can find that fit this particular doll, and the pickings are kinda slim, run around $25. I can do better than that! 

(Except for this one... this Corolle outfit is going to be pretty hard to top.)


A quick look on Etsy and EBay for 12" baby doll clothing didn't give me much more so I'm going to do what I usually end up doing and just make it. I can fudge the patterns by copying Baby Emma's own sleeper and use beautiful fabric scraps and fancy trimmings to sew up "cwoving" for Christmas. I'll end up getting the Corolle accessory pack as the "susu" seems to be really important to E, but the rest I can do myself. Baby Emma may even end up with new bedding for her possibly to-be-painted-turquoise crib. But with only 58 days and counting, I don't want to over commit. 

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