Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry Mexico


We returned home from Mexico to snow on Saturday night, quite a shock after a week of sunny skies, bare feet and pool time. Our trip was the perfect combination of relaxation and family time, and our only worries all week were where to lounge and go for dinner. Cabo San Lucas is such a beautiful place and the resort we were at was spectacular. We are so thankful to Grandma Pat and Grandpa Bill for having us to their 'Mexico House'.

Eloise was using Spanish greetings with ease by mid-week, saying hola to everyone, gracias to waiters bringing drinks and buenos dias to passersby. She was more confident in the pool and ate pretty well too, even if most of her vegetable intake came in the form of french fries. Apart from pool time, a highlight of our week was definitely a day trip to Todos Santos where I had the yummiest shrimp tacos I've ever eaten at a funky spot called Tequila Sunrise and everyone else enjoyed enormous margaritas prepared by the restaurant's charismatic owner. After walking and shopping we headed to Cerritos Beach when Chris was able to catch some surf and Eloise and I played in the sand (after a brief temper tantrum, naturally).

On vacation I am a lounger and I like to judge my relaxation on how much I am able to read. I managed to read one book cover to cover this trip - with a toddler underfoot! - so I'd say it was a complete success. The book, a recommendation from my friend Renee, was Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, a perfect beach companion just as Renee suggested. This book is a captivating page turner with a charming story and interestingly connected characters who are all struggling to find themselves in one way or another. I love a book that ends with resolve for each of the characters and as we touched down in Vancouver Beautiful Ruins did just that.

Until we visit Cabo again we will all be dreaming of Mexican sunsets, warm sand, lots of swimming and one very happy little girl. 

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