Friday, February 28, 2014

Eloise Speak

As we round the corner to three Eloise's ability to converse is no longer fragmented and is mostly understandable. She likes to talk on the phone and often asks to call Gaga just to say hi, which I get a kick out of. Beyond this she says all sorts of funny things that give me an indication of the little person she has become. It also gives me an indication that we reallllly need to watch what we say. And as I like to remind our friends, if Eloise drops an eff-bomb anytime soon I am holding them 100% responsible.

This is Eloise Speak, the 2 years, 11 months edition:

Eloise asked Chris as we were cooking dinner the other night: "Do you like beer daddy? I don't. I just like wine. But baby's don't like wine." Can you pick out the good lesson in there? Pregnancy and alcohol don't mix people (unless it's a little glass of champagne... but Eloise doesn't need to repeat that).

When Eloise gets frustrated she now says to me: "I told you 10 times!" Saying this to Mommy is not allowed, Eloise, but it also reminds Mommy not to say it to you. Crap.

As an answer to all sorts of questions Eloise answers, "Perhaps."

"Peace out." This one makes me laugh and more so that it's normally reserved for my brother and complimented with a pound. I just about fell over the first time Eloise said it.

When Eloise is concerned, she'll look at me and say, "That's just terrible." Come to think of it, "I'm very concerned," is another favourite.

"I'm not feeling well good," is what Eloise says when she really doesn't want to do something. What she means to say is she "isn't feeling very well", but her way of explaining is much funnier. Eloise is usually "not feeling well good" when we want her to do things like finish her dinner, get in the bath or generally cooperate.

"So, how was your day?" Eloise asks Chris and I as we sit down to dinner.

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