Monday, March 10, 2014

Dear Eloise

Dear Eloise,

Just like that, you are three. Tonight after dinner you performed a repertoire of song and dance for us and as I watched you I kept thinking, "who is this incredible little girl?" You are no longer a baby, you are your own person with your own ideas, your own desires and nothing but determination on how to get what you want. Sometimes your willfulness makes me mad, but you always impress me by taking the time to apologize later - even when it isn't necessary - and in doing so remind me that I need to try harder to be more patient. You test me daily but I think it is because there is so much of my own personality in you.

Today we celebrated your third birthday with a party for you and your best friend Ruby. You girls are such a pair and your party was the perfect combination of both of your personalities. You both have grown so much since starting preschool six months ago and I'm thankful to have been there to watch you become more confident and more independent together. There is something truly remarkable about having a best friend and it is my hope that this is just the beginning for you girls.

The year ahead is going to bring many changes but I know that you are up for it. You are going to be a wonderful big sister and if the kind and gentle way you care for Baby Emma and your peeps is any indication, I know you are going to be a big help too. But no matter how big a girl you are, no matter how much I expect and rely on you, you are always, always going to be my baby.

I love you,
xoxo Mama

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