Friday, March 14, 2014

Double or Nothing

We have a new car seat, a wipes warmer on order, a borrowed swing, Eloise's crib and bouncer ready to go, but what to do about a stroller for two kids continues to be a mystery. The thing is, Eloise is still into her stroller. Like, really, really into it. Our Bugaboo Cameleon was down with a broken brake for about six months and now that it's been repaired (thanks Papa!) she is completely obsessed again (while it wasn't working she simply 'made due' with our other strollers). Eloise has always been a stroller happy kid and to this day she is enjoys reclining in her stroller when we're out. At three she is perfectly capable of walking, but a stroller, the Bugaboo in particular, is by far her preferred mode of transportation. It definitely helps that the stroller seat and canopy are fuchsia, she doesn't seem to have quite the same love for our all-black Valco.

{bugaboo cameleon}

{valco tri-mode}

We've been talking to Eloise about giving the stroller up to the baby but it's not going well. Currently her response is, "Not my pink stroller, that's just for me. The baby can use the black one." We've thought about adding a Bugaboo Wheeled Board to the Cameleon and using the Toddler Seat attachment on the Valco but I'm afraid Eloise is going to insist on being in the prime seat of the stroller just like her new sibling. We won't be making any serious purchases until the baby actually arrives but I'm afraid we may be looking into a double stroller.

{bugaboo donkey}

With a collection of three strollers already there is no way we are adding a double-wide double to our fleet. I would prefer to sell two of our strollers for one that can be used first with both kids, then just one once Eloise grows past her stroller stage (which can't be that far away, can it?). The double stroller I am coveting is the Bugaboo Donkey, which functions as a double stroller with two seats in Duo then telescopes to a single in Mono. It's stylish, functional and of course, completely out of budget. Go figure.

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