Friday, March 14, 2014

My Final Day

Today marks the last day of my time looking after Molly, a little girl who has become like a daughter to me since I started caring for her when she was not much older than Eloise. Molly just celebrated her eighth birthday (with a party planned by Smitten, of course!) and as we near closer to welcoming our new baby the time has come for me to move on. Eloise is going to miss seeing Molly, her 'bonus' big sister, at least twice a week, but I know we will always be a part of each others lives. The need for me to shift the focus to my family and business has been building for a long while now but it's been really hard to actually say goodbye to a child I love so much. 

The end of my days with Molly comes at a good time in my pregnancy. I'm now 31 weeks pregnant, super uncomfortable and starting to feel anxious about this baby's arrival. Upon reaching week 30 the panic of getting organized started to set in. Panic might be a little drastic a word, but I am reminded that when Eloise was born at 36 weeks we were pretty unprepared. We had a car seat, but it's not like we bothered to bring it with us to the hospital, I didn't even bring a bra! This time around the hospital bag for baby and me will be packed and ready to go with time to spare (is next week too soon?). I am gearing up to complete a long list of baby-related tasks and this weekend we will finally start to work on converting Eloise's room into a space for two. So that's progress!

It may take some time to get used to afternoons free from school pick up and dance class, play dates and errands for someone else's family, but I know I am going to relish in my time to do things just for us (like nap!) while I can.  Life is about to get a whole lot busier. 

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