Monday, March 10, 2014

Heart Burn

It's back. The screaming heartburn I experienced in my first pregnancy has returned and it is so much worse.

This afternoon all I wanted was a Whole Foods muffin and a latte which is pretty much my favourite three o'clock pick me up. Unfortunately I've been paying for my brief afternoon enjoyment all night with heartburn so unbearably bad it made me sick to my stomach. Seriously, when all you want to eat is carbs (and have a multi-week pass to do so) how on earth is this fair?

For dinner tonight I had a banana, two bowls of greek yogurt and some vanilla ice cream. I didn't quite reach all the food groups I've been trying to consume, but my heartburn has subsided and for that I am very thankful. So thankful I may just have to have another bowl of ice cream, you know, as a preventative measure.

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