Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No Name

We've really been struggling with a name for this new person joining us soon. Chris and I both have names we like, but we're still ultimately undecided. For whatever reason I find myself feeling a anxious about this. I suppose it's because by this stage in my first pregnancy we had committed to three options for a girl and three for a boy. This time we can't even bring ourselves to decide on one of each. 

All of our options aside, before Eloise was born we were pretty set on naming her Pippa, short for Phillipa, after Chris' dear grandpa, Phil. But once Eloise arrived we knew that this was not her name and she remained nameless for the first two days as we got to know her. Eloise was a name on my list but wasn't one of Chris' favourites, yet after meeting her we both agreed the name suited our sweet, tiny little girl and I'm happy to say it still does. 

I'm a believer in name associations and I do think certain names have certain traits. Take Eloise for example. I'll be the first to admit that naming our daughter after a fictional, precocious six year old may have set us up for a little trouble. Our Eloise certainly shares some of the same naughtiness as her literary name buddy but she manages to make up for it with sweetness (most of the time). Name associations have also created an extensive veto list and Chris and I both have various reasons as to why a particular name is a no go. Take the name Sterling for example, which I love for a boy. Chris went to school with a Sterling who he claims was a wiener. Chris loves the name Oscar, all I can think about is a green monster in a trash can. My suggestion of the name Violet was vetoed because Chris doesn't want our daughter sharing a name with a flower and as charming and French as it is, Chris' pick, Colette, just says old lady to me. 

In the midst of this, I've misplaced the really awesome name book we have so we'll just have to continue tossing names back and forth until a few more stick. Until then, this is just Baby 2. 

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