Sunday, April 20, 2014

Not Ready Yet

I have officially reached 36 weeks, which is when Eloise was born. I went into labour naturally with Eloise but since I had no idea what labour was supposed to feel like, and wasn't in any pain, I just went to the hospital that night to make sure all was okay. We brought nothing with us since our visit was just a 'precaution', but Eloise arrived that night (well, at 2:27am). Four days later we left with a tiny baby and a long c-section recovery for me, it was such a whirlwind. 

I half expected this pregnancy to end the same and have been anticipating Baby Two's arrival for weeks. I've blogged about how organized and how prepared we are this time, but it seems my preparations may be a little premature. The baby has definitely dropped, I'm way more uncomfortable and able to sleep less, but Baby seems to be staying put. My midwives don't think I will go all the way to 40 weeks as it's not uncommon for the second baby to come according to when their sibling did, so now we wait. 

Every morning Eloise greets me and then my belly with kisses. "Good morning, baby, you're so big in there," she said this morning. 
"Don't you think the baby should come out now?" I asked. 
"No. Not yet. She's not ready." 
"Really? Mommy is very ready though. This baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger." I said. 
"Not yet, it's not spring." Eloise said. 

Technically, it is spring and has been for a month now. But in rainy Vancouver sunny spring days have been few and far between, so I can understand Eloise's confusion. I'm hoping the Easter Bunny brings a baby instead of chocolate this year. 

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