Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In a Flash

There is something about a new baby that invites strangers to engage in conversation. They want to know how old is the baby? Does he sleep? How old is my little girl? Does she like being a big sister? How are we adjusting? Am I tired? It's all very well intentioned, and then these strangers, inevitably members of this huge club called parenthood, want to tell me how fast time passes. They share stories of when their kids were young and how they are struggling to believe that their son or daughter starts kindergarten in September, will be in high school this year or is off to University. I remember people telling me these stories when Eloise was a tiny baby but I don't remember actually thinking about how right they are. At that time hearing, "enjoy every moment," just seemed redundant, but now, I'm listening.

Having done this before I have something to compare to and time IS going quickly. Too quickly. Eloise changes every day and is such a little person now that Chris and I often stare at each other in disbelief at something she has said or done. She is whip smart with a huge vocabulary, has an incredible memory, and is so confident. I find it hard to even remember back three years to what Eloise was like at Spencer's age now that she seems so grown up.

Spencer is just a month old but already he feels so big. His little tucked up newborn limbs are beginning to stretch out and he is one plump little man, with puffy hands and feet and rolls on his thighs. At this rate I don't think he will be little for much longer and he is already quickly outgrowing much of his 0-3 month clothing. Comparatively I don't think Eloise was Spencer's size until she was around three months old, but I guess this is the difference between a pre-term girl and full-term boy.

I honestly can't believe that our first month as a family of four has come to a close. I am so tired but I am kind of okay with it. Our children are little for such a short period of time and before I know it I will be that Mom in the grocery store admiring a new baby, telling a new Mother about my children, the teenagers. I will one day think back on how desperately we wanted a full night's sleep without little visitors in our bed but then I'll wish I could go back to those days of cuddly babies and sweet, sleepy toddlers. This time will be gone in a flash and I don't want to miss one minute.

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