Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Lite

I didn't go over the top decorating for Christmas this year and I like it. Sometimes simple can be better. Our tree last year was just too full and too big and by Christmas day I felt claustrophobic with Christmas clutter. This year most everything is gold, silver and green which is perfect for our small house. I did the planters outside of our front door with cedar, pine and magnolia, adding some sprayed gold sprigs and glittered pinecones. Chris wrapped the posts in lights and I added a boxwood wreath to the front door. Inside, a few more wreaths, some lighted gold glittered tress, green garland, the new advent calendar and our Christmas tree. That's it.

Last weekend we trimmed our tree - a rather sparse Charlie Brown - and I swear the thing has more ornaments than branches. Lights are dripping off the boughs with three or four ornaments each but boy is it sparkly. For the first time ever I have wrapped all of my gifts, including stocking stuffers, with time to spare. I used kraft paper leftover from an event and tied the presents with organza ribbon in olive green or black and white stripe grosgrain. For tags I used mini chalkboard closepins I had in my candy bar supplies and not only do they look great, I can pat myself on the back for coming up with a pretty yet sustainable wrapping accoutrement. Matchy-matchy gifts also make my a-type personality awfully happy.

Christmas Lite, it's a good thing.

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