Saturday, January 31, 2015

8 Months

Before the month is through I thought I should post Spencer's eighth month update. Only three weeks late. 

know I keep saying this, but time feels like it's going so quickly with Spencer. He continues to be the happiest, calmest, most easy going little dude. He sits very sturdily now and loves playing with blocks and balls on his own (and Eloise's doll, Baby Emma, but shh, don't tell her!). He puts everything in his mouth and has finally cut a top tooth. He loves eating fruit and veggie purées, chicken, plain yogurt and buttered toast. 

Spencer gets excited when he sees me which makes me melt and gives big, sloppy kisses. He also does a little happy dance we call disco wrists where he makes his mouth into an 'o' or laughs hysterically while rolling his wrists excitedly. It's hilarious. 

I wish I could tell you definitively how much Spencer weighs but I can't. It's just a lot. Like probably more than Eloise, which my biceps both curse and thank him for.

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