Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nine Months

It's been pretty quiet around here. Work is busier, kids are busier and that makes for one tired mama who uses spare time for fun things like housework and meal prep. The joys!

Spency, you were officially nine months old 27 days ago so to say I'm a little late to the party is laughable, but that's just the kind of month it's been. Let's see, at nine months you:
  • Figured out how to go from sitting to lying down and rolling front to back to grab whatever you can. No crawling yet, but you're not far from it.
  • Cut your second top tooth. Finally.
  • Started clapping!
  • Give Eskimo kisses.
  • Began babbling words - Lala for Eloise, Mama, Dada and Dog. Mama is often whined at me in desperation, so we know that one is for real.
  • Really developed your personality. You are still the calmest, happiest baby, but we've also learned you are determined, goofy and just a little defiant. Biting is not nice buddy, even if you think it's hilarious when we tell you no!
  • Haven't let us down in the love of food department. Your favourites are yogurt, yams, apples, toast and oatmeal. You do not like chicken or avocado.
  • Never. Stop. Moving.

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