Friday, January 2, 2015

This is a Big Deal

Today marked the fourth in a row that Chris and I woke up in the morning for the first time since going to sleep. We were not woken up by children during the night and we did not have to share our bed either. I'm sure this sounds like any old morning to many of you, but if you have been reading this blog for a while then you know how much we have struggled with Eloise and sleep. Waking up after an uninterrupted sleep is a luxury that Chris and I have not enjoyed in almost two full years. This is a big deal.

Last week we reached a breaking point and even Eloise knew it. Her sleeping with us has gone from fine to unbearable. She used to just fit in and peacefully slumber but in the last few months her sleep has become restless and she aggressively kicks her legs on top of the covers, wakes up demanding things or nails one of us with a kick to the jaw. Chris and I have started getting more frustrated with her and each other, often arguing in the middle of the night or dealing with whining and tears. We are tired, Eloise is tired and the effect of her sleeping in our bed has gotten to be too much. 

Eloise asked the other day, "Mommy, why is it all dark under your eyes?" I explained that I have dark circles because I am really freaking exhausted (though not in those exact words...) and she noticed that it looked a little dark under her eyes too. We both agreed that the solution was sleep and Eloise suggested trying to stay in her bed all night. Great idea! The first night Eloise woke up four times and Chris and I took turns taking her back to bed. The second night it was only once and when I tucked her in again I surrounded her with peeps and dolls to keep her company. The third night she went to bed at eight and woke up at eight without so much as a peep. Same goes for the fourth night. Eloise is so ridiculously proud of herself, and we are too. 

Spencer has of course has been sleeping through all of this. He does occasionally fuss in the night but we leave him and he puts himself back to sleep. I wouldn't dream of bringing Spencer into our bed or even waking up to nurse him in the night. It might seem harsh, but this ridiculous sleep game needs to end with Eloise. 

Slowly the boxes of Eloise's sleep chart are filling up with stickers and we have promised a trip to Toys R Us for whatever she wants. Yesterday it was a monster truck and today a Frozen Anna doll, but honestly, Chris and I are so thankful to be the only people sharing our queen bed that if Eloise wants a ride-on Barbie jeep I might even consider it.

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