Monday, July 11, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts

Just loving life in paradise. 

We spent the weekend up in the Okanagan with family and it was lovely. Sunshine, warm weather, and an opportunity to soak up some rays poolside... just what we needed!

It was a weekend of firsts for Eloise: her first road trip, first time away from home and first swim. Unfortunately, the road trip got off to a bad start when an upset Eloise required several emergency pit-stops, but after some tears (mine and hers) and cuddles she finally fell asleep and we continued southward.

The rest of the trip was divine with Eloise back to her usual Angel-baby self. She napped well all weekend allowing us to sit by the pool, enjoy 'adult' time and watch Uncle Peter and Aunt Lauren race in the Granfondo. Her first swim Saturday afternoon was short and sweet, but Eloise loved the water and may have a future as a mermaid.

We could have used an entire week in the Okanagan, but home again we came. This time, Eloise's eyes closed the moment we waved good-bye and stayed that way until we carried her upstairs to bed. Go figure!

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