Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two Many?

By nine o'clock they were both asleep. The dishes were done, I had a stack of cookies and the TV was mine to watch whatever trash I wanted (hello TMZ!). I survived my first full day with two kids.

Molly's parents are out of town so she came to play yesterday and have a sleepover. Eloise refused to nap all day and although Molly is incredibly patient, you can't help but feel pulled in two directions when one child wants to be continuously held and the other wants to play ponies. By five o'clock I was utterly exhausted and had to call in the reserves (you're the best, Mom!).

In the end, Eloise went down no problem, Molly was not far behind and at least one of the girls slept through the night. This morning we were up and at 'em by 6:30, out the door and off to Kindergarten just after eight... 

Two children are utterly exhausting and all you moms out there with two kids or more are rockstars. Chris and I may have to rethink that plan for four kids, I'm starting to think two may be one too many.

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