Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eloise and the Amazing Technicolour Diaper Stash

Eloise has come a long way since her Nook. Our once four-and-a-half-pound peanut is growing bigger everyday, with four teeth, her daddy's curls and a spunky little personality to boot. She is not yet mobile but with all the gear, goodies and clothing that come with a growing baby, I am thankful that she has her own room in the new house. Actually, I don't know how well we would have managed in the condo now that we are clearly a family of two clothes horses!

Eloise's room is full of handmade projects and special items saved from my childhood. I made the butterfly mobile above her crib, the magenta paper pom poms in her reading corner and added battenburg lace and pom pom trim to gussy up a simple roller shade. The rocking horse and chair belonged to me and even the valance about the window is a holdover from my 'princess room' days.

On top of an extensive closetful of clothing and shoes, Eloise has the best, most colourful collection of diapers. Her 'Amazing Technicolor' diaper stash would put Joseph and his Dreamcoat to shame! We have a perfect dresser-turned-changetable to store her stash - a Craigslist find I lovingly refinished myself - which is also a place to keep sleepers, tops and bottoms close at hand. Eloise's bedroom closet has been usurped by my clothing (oops!), but one of the armoires we used in the condo is perfect for hanging Eloise's cute little dresses and storing her socks, shoes, hats, bibs and blankets.

It may be small, but Eloise's pretty room is my favourite in the house. It's been so fun to decorate and although it's currently 'done', I must say I've got a hankering for more pink...

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