Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ten Hours

The past five nights have been really good ones. Eloise is consistently sleeping between seven and eight hours straight and last night, she slept for ten! I didn't even hear her wake up at 5am for a bottle with Chris which means I had a good sleep too.

Eloise's new sleep pattern has come just in time. I've felt tired before - after a busy work week or those all-night study sessions we used to pull in university - but this is a different tired, a really real tired. Nine months without sleep topped off by an amazing (and very busy!) trip to Toronto and the craziness of the holidays, and I was nearing my breaking point. The body can only function without sleep for so long.

So how did we finally get Eloise to sleep? Without crying it out, without sleep training, and I did not stop breastfeeding either, regardless of what others recommended. I knew that Eloise was waking and nursing throughout the night because she really was hungry and it was completely against my instincts to 'train' her to sleep by letting her cry. So I did what I thought was best for Eloise and as soon as she started eating solids regularly her sleep habits began to improve.

In addition to feeding Eloise at any chance we get we're also more conscious of her naps, making sure that she has two solid sleeps in during the day. When Chris gets home from work we all play a bit before he gives Eloise dinner and a bath, then she's off to bed without a fuss, after just one more feed with me of course.

Now that I've found a formula that finally works for all three of us I really feel like I've accomplished something as a parent by getting over this hurdle. Wonder what test she'll be throwing my way next?

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