Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feeling Reflective

It's been nine months, 25 days and exactly seven hours, 8 minutes since Eloise was born, and tomorrow, I go back to work. Not that this is entirely a bad thing, nor does my 'job' feel like one, but I am still quite reflective (and reflective is different then sad) today of how quickly the time has gone by.

I haven't paused to dwell on tomorrow as a D-day, so in many ways it feels like it has crept up out of no where which is good and bad. Eloise and I will still have the mornings to do bootcamp and we're starting a music class with our friends Renee and Tristan, but with kindergarten pick up at three o'clock our days will now need to have some semblance of a schedule. No more lengthy lunches at Wholefoods, impromptu walks on the seawall and saddest of all, no more long afternoon naps for this mommy...

So what shall we do since it is officially our last day of leisure? I'd like to pledge, "I will not clean," but that's not possible... so how about I just promise to take a solid two-hour nap with Eloise and leave the diapers for Chris to fold when he gets home?

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