Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You're Covered

No one likes waking up wet in the middle of the night, especially not when you have to change the baby AND the bed. This was our reality when Eloise started sleeping longer than a few hours at a time. We've discovered that she's a pretty heavy wetter so extra hours between diaper changes resulted in many wet sleepers and damp sheets. Lovely.

I searched online to see what other cloth diapering parents recommended and the unanimous answer was wool. Wool is soft, breathable, anti-bacterial and quick drying. Wool soakers (aka diaper covers) can retain a third of their weight in moisture so your baby's skin and clothing stay dry all night long. In the morning you just turn the cover inside out and any dampness evaporates. Another bonus is that the soakers only need to be washed every few weeks or when soiled (washing instructions below).

I was reading reviews for wool soakers on Diaper Pin and came across covers made by a company called Babyology. I purchased two soakers through Babyology's eBay site and since the seller just happened to be located in Vancouver, I received my order in just two days. Their customer service was impressive and they actually waived the cost of shipping and included a pair of booties as a bonus. Each soaker was just $19, they are beautifully made and super, duper cute.

Stripes? Why not! Cute & functional Babyology Wool Soakers.

These wool soakers work like a dream. Eloise has been sporting hers under her sleeper, over a nighttime diaper (pocket diaper stuffed bamboo liner & booster), every night for about a month and we have not had a leak since.

Washing Wool Soakers

Fill your kitchen sink with lukewarm water and a few squirts of all-natural baby soap (or a wool-specific detergent). Add the soaker(s) and gently agitate, letting soak for 15 - 20 mins. Rinse in cold water and gently squeeze most of the water out. Roll into a towel then let dry flat.

Lanolizing Wool Covers
*Why lanolize? Lanolin is a natural water repellent that keeps moisture off the skin while leaving your soaker dry and the wool feeling soft!

Squeeze a pea size amount of Lansinoh Lanolin into a jar with a tightly fitting lid. Fill the jar 3/4 full with very hot water and shake well to combine. Pour this mixture over your freshly rinsed wool soaker and swirl to ensure full coverage. Let sit for at least 30 minutes. Drain water and gently squeeze wool to remove excess. Roll into a towel then let dry flat.

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