Sunday, August 19, 2012

And She's Off

Much concentration under the watchful eye of Granby.

It's official, we have a walker. Eloise still does what we call the 'drunken sailor' but she manages to get around the house and in the yard, hands free, with ease.

Eloise finally started walking before we went to Toronto but it's really in the last week that she's gained the confidence she needs to let go and just walk. She didn't quite manage her flower girl debut at the wedding in Toronto without my help, but that's okay. She just wasn't ready.

Eloise's super speedy scoot took her where she needed to go for the last several months and my reminder to "be careful" has made her fairly cautious until now. Of course she still falls down, but rather than reverting to a scoot she stands right up and keeps going. Thank goodness for the extra padding of cloth diapers!

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