Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Please nap.


Eloise is rubbing her eyes and asking for milk. We get into my bed with Piggy and her blanket, Cozy, for a cuddle and a nap. She begins to fall asleep as she drinks her milk. I think, "man, this is going soooo well."


Wrong. Eloise is not asleep. She pops up, asks for Granby to cuddle. I invite him up and plead with her to go to sleep. Then she announces she needs to, "pee-pee potty" so we go into the bathroom and sit on the potty. Nothing.


I decide to try getting Eloise down in her room. We rock for a bit, she gets sleepy and I put her in her crib. I rub her back, she rubs her eyes, then sits up and starts to scream. She say's, "rock, rock" and points to the rocking chair. We sit down and rock some more.


Now she wants to read. We read Good Night Vancouver four times. I say, "I will read it one more time and then it is time to go to sleep, do you understand?" She says, "Yes." (stinker) We finish Good Night Vancouver for the fifth time and I put the book back. I transfer Eloise into her crib but she does the dreaded cough-cry which often results in vomit. I pick her up and sit down to rock some more.


Eloise is asleep. I rock for another few minutes just to be sure she is fully sleeping, I'm not in the mood to take any chances.


I transfer Eloise into our bed. She is thankfully still asleep.

Unfortunately, it looks like my struggle with sleep has extended to nap time. Yesterday I called in the reserves and my Dad put her down for me. I am aware that this is not really a solution and that I need to figure this out on my own, but how?



Eloise wakes up. I call my dad in desperation.


The room is quiet. Eloise is in her crib and Papa saves the day once again.

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