Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Big Girl Bed

I've just put Eloise down for night two in her big girl bed, and I did it all by myself. It took some time of course, but as soon as I gave in to, "Mama, 'ie down," she went to sleep and we won't see her until morning.

The transition from crib to big girl bed has been surprisingly seamless. Not that she was a huge crib fan anyway - my girlfriend Sarah put it best, lowering them into the crib was like lowering them into a shark tank - but I figured that there would be some resistance. Instead, the bed is exciting and whenever we're in her room Eloise just wants to be on the bed, lying down. Or jumping. Regardless, this is a very good sign.

Chris took last night's inaugural big girl bed run and highly recommended against lying down (aka 'ie down' in Eloise speak) with her for the sake of not being able to get out again (toddler bed rails are a tricky obstacle). Well Love, creaky bed slats aside, you forget that I am much more agile than you.

I think I've just earned a glass of wine. And a bowl of ice cream.

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