Friday, February 1, 2013

Circus Circus

It's hard to believe but Eloise's second birthday is just around the corner. Of course I've been dreaming of plans for this party since shortly after her first, but now it's time to really start planning. As we enter what is sure to be an exciting and challenging year in Eloise's toddlerhood, otherwise known as the 'terrible twos' this year's birthday theme is going to be, appropriately, The Circus.

I took my inspiration for this party from a set of tin circus plates from Restoration Hardware given to us by Eloise's cousin Lucy. I just love the colours and Eloise is crazy about all of the animal images: a giraffe, monkey, elephant, and goose. There are even little tin circus animals which will hold her birthday candles.

Using these plates as a starting off point I'm thinking lots of red & white with animal motifs throughout, perfect fun for Eloise and her friends. I've been getting tons of inspiration from Pinterest and have a few other ideas up my sleeve (just like a magician, pun intended). Lots of balloons, a 'big top' in the dining room, maybe even a juggling not-scary clown, it's going to be way too much fun.

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