Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mommy okay?

Last night I came back from a three-day trip to Whistler for wedding site visits. It was a fun but whirlwind trip - 10 venues! - and a great opportunity to increase our knowledge of what Whistler and Pemberton can offer our clients.

This trip was also first time I've been away from Eloise that she really seemed to get it. Chris said she kept repeating, "Mommy okay? Mommy soon?" and when I arrived home last night Eloise stroked my face and said it again, kissing me. It's like she worried I wouldn't come back.

I always a struggle with the best way to leave Eloise when I go somewhere. It breaks my heart to see her scream as she watches me walk away but I also feel guilty when we distract her so I can slip out. We've had success having Eloise press the garage door open and closed as I get in the car but even this doesn't always ensure a smooth exit. I think we're getting to the age where she needs reassurance that I'm only gone for a while and will come back, so perhaps more explanation is the solution.

How do you leave without leaving your kids upset?

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