Friday, March 1, 2013

Rappin' & Rockin' with Barbie

Over last few months Eloise has become enamored with Barbie. She can entertain herself for long periods of time playing Barbie when we're at Molly's and she received her very own at Christmas. I'd by lying if I didn't say this pleases me greatly as I have a very complete collection of my own Barbies (in their original outfits with shoes) that I always hoped I could pass onto my own little girl.

I know Barbie gets criticized for being a 'negative influence' but I just don't see it. It all seems quite simple to me: Barbie is a doll, she's fun to dress, and playing with Barbie lets children use their imagination and be creative. Actually, I'd like to credit Barbie with a few things beyond this like inspiring my interest in sewing and decor (that dream house was trés chic) and I may just owe my love of Hip Hop to this:

Amazing right?

Eloise is down with a cold (AGAIN) so I brought down my huge tub-o-Barbies for her to play with. And no joke, look who I found stuffed into the driver seat of my hot pink, T-bar Corvette ...

The boom box still works.

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