Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eloise Speak

As Eloise creeps closer to two the phrases that come out of her mouth get better and better. Real sentences too, though sometimes these are impossible to understand by people other than Chris and I. Mostly they make me laugh, but sometimes they serve as a reminder that we really do need to watch every word we say.

Some of my favourites to date were uttered today:

"Mama wake up! Mommy's tired, have coffee?" How perceptive. Mommy is tired, Eloise, and I do need coffee. Can you make it?

"I naked! I bouncing naked!" Doesn't need much of a description, but I assure you this is an 'at home' activity only. Beds make good trampolines.

"I love pink." Me too, girlfriend.

"Go back, Mama. I find Nemo," Eloise said as we strolled an aisle at Dollarama. She did find Nemo ... that sneaky fish was hiding on the cover of a book that somehow made its way into our cart.

"Hi, girls!" said Eloise to a Mom and her little girl walking into Michaels. She then proceeded to follow the very shy little girl around saying, "Hi friend."

"Uh, never mind" and "Whatever." These are said with a scoff and therefore fit into the 'watch what I say' category.

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